Luxury Touring Park

In Peaceful Somerset

Our Recycling

At present we recycle 100% of all glass, paper, cardboard and plastic. Guests are encouraged to help with our recycling efforts. Separate bins and clear signage is provided.

Without the help of our guests our contribution would be very difficult. We thank everyone for all the little help and hope you can continue to help us in the future.

  • Make sure all waste is separated in the bins provided.
  • Turn off that tap when you are brushing your teeth, morning & night!!
  • Follow our recycling guidelines!!
  • Keep windows closed when heating is on!!
  • Turn the heating down when venturing out for the day!!
  • Never leave electrical appliances on standby!!
  • Use washing lines provided when the sun is shining!!
  • Use washing machine / dishwasher only for full loads!!

If everybody helps just a little, we can make a bigger impact for Somerset and our planet.

Supporting Local Goods

  • Homemade bread to order
  • Freshly baked cakes from Oak tree paddock
  • Wooden Sculpture Horses bought from the local market in Wells
  • Fresh eggs and Milk from Horrington Farm, Wells
  • Cider to order from Mudgley Cider Farm

Carbon Footprint

Wells Touring Park has introduced passive / infrared sensors to the lights within the facility block to reduce energy. The lights are timed and are responsive to daylight levels. All Lighting throughout the site uses low energy lamps.

Planting Schemes & Wildlife

We spend hours and hours every week preserving the beautiful countryside that surrounds our park. Since day one we have planted trees, shrubs around the park. We have surrounded each of the lodges with plantations of shrubs and trees to encourage and support all wildlife from butterflies to Owls! Recently spotted; Chaffinches, Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Wagtails, Pheasants and last year four Red tail Kites were spotted above the park.

Herb Garden

Picking up fresh herbs for dinner is that little bit easier now that Wells Touring Park has opened up its herb garden…

Wells Touring Park, Haybridge, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1AJ
+44 (0) 1749 676869